Jacques Delacroix III

A gambler, hustler and gunman working on the right side of the law for once.


Half Black Jack
Real Name: Jacques Delacroix III
Age: 31 Height: 5’11 Weight: 170 Complexion: Cafe au lait
Color: White-Black- Jack is highly selfish, but he desperately wants to “fit in”. He’s been betrayed and left out so often, that he only trusts himself and he enjoys using the rules of the society that has excluded him to his own advantage. Occasionally, Jack takes on a companion, to whom he is very protective.

STR: 12 (1)
DEX: 14 (
CON: 12 (1)
INT: 18 (
WIS:10 (0)
CHA:16 (

Tough: +3
Fort: +3
Ref: +3
Will: +3

Att: +2
Def: +2

Feats: Favored Conditions: Mounted Combat, Favored Conditions: Knife Fighting, Weapon Spec: Bowie Knife, Fearless, Quick Draw, Wealth (Unreliable 11-), Well connected (Gulf Coast and Midwest only)

Background Skills- Bluff, Diplomacy, Forgery, Seduction, Gambling, Prof.: Horse breeding, Prof: Business, Know: High-Society, Know: jewelry, Art and Wealth, Sense motive: Animal Handling, Ride- +4 each

Pinkerton Package- Know(Law Enforcement) +1, Survival +2, Pistol +1, Intimidate +1, Sense Motive +2, Spot +1 Ride +2, Well Connected

Equipment: Bowie Knife, Colt Army Pistol, Winchester Rifle, Pocketwatch, Cards (both marked and clean), Dice (both loaded and normal), 2 fake ID’s, Fake credentials (Illinois State Attorney, Federal land surveyor), Jeweler’s loupe. Voodoo fetishes/paraphenalia, Knife boot (a ala the From Russia With Love)


Jack is a tall lean good looking guy with a winning smile. He’s that alluring mix of Southern gentleman and backwoodsman. Although he appears white, he is a racial blend- his father was mixed Black and French and his mother is French Creole (mixed African, French, Spanish and Indian descent). His father was known as Black Jack, so Jack III became Jacques Demi-Noir (Half-Black Jack).

Jack was born in 1845 in New Orleans. His father a horse breeder, trainer and racer and Jack fell in love with horses at a young age. He was an adventuresome outdoorsy boy, who loved to ride, hunt, fish and fight. His heroes were Davey Crocket and Kit Carson. He became adept at both rifles and pistols, but really shines with a blade in his hand.

Although he is nominally Catholic, Jack is not a particularly religious man. During his youth, he spent a lot of time with the black farmhands and trainers at his father’s ranch, many of whom practiced voodoo. A houngan was read his fortune and foresaw a great doom. Although the prophecy was not specific, Jack has been convinced he carries a curse. He is fiercely superstitious and believes in ghosts, the evil eye, zombies, etc.

Jack’s family fled New Orleans in 1859. A youthful Jack had seduced the wrong man’s daughter. The irate father and a few friend accosted Jack’s father. The resulting brawl ended in Jack, Jr’s death. Taking what little wealth remained, his mother moved to Chicago and tried to start again. There Jack’s Southern charms weren’t popular with the onset of war. He was never accepted by upper class Chicago society.

Instead, he turned his attention to the less savory elements. He became a fixture among the “bad boys” of Chicaco- gamblers, pimps, thieves and murderers. Jack gained a reputation as a “fixer”- someone who could get you anything. To defend himself during this period, Jack preferred to use his knife rather than a pistol. His brutality combined with his superstitious rituals, led people to believe that he was a devil-worshipper and he was further outcast.

Jack has survived 23 duels (although most would simply be called fights) with both guns and knives. He’s not the best shot in the world, but he is awesome with a blade. Somehow he has survived and earned a reputation as a remorseless and prolific killer. Despite his victories, Jack hasn’t become a hero. Instead, even former friends and darling debutantes began shunning him. The gruesomeness of his legend has made him a pariah in polite society. Even Jack’s mother has remarried and distanced herself from her murderous son.

In 1870, Jack began working with a former poker buddy-turned cop, Edmund McGregor, helping solve high society crimes. Jack gave Edmund easy access to the upper crust and Edmund gave Jack the patina of respectability. It worked out pretty well and pretty soon, Jack was in fairly good graces again. During one such case Jack found himself in competition with the Pinkertons to recover a shipment of stolen gold. Jack’s contacts and wealth got him there first and the agent, Max Barnett offered him a job. Seeing the opportunity for adventure and feeling cooped up in Chicago, Jack accepted.

Jack’s Duels

The First Duel (1862) – 1t 17, Jack was (wrongfully) accused of an illicit liaison with a married woman. The irate husband challenged him to a duel. Jack won… and then moved in with the widow.

The Challenger (1862)- just over three months after the first duel, Jack was again accused of sleeping with another man’s wife. Jack issued the challenge hoping it the husband would rescind his accusation. The husband stood by his words and died with his boots on … so Jack kept sleeping with his wife.

If at first… (1863)- Since Jack was wealthy, many of his duels were fought with formal dueling pistols and followed the Code Duello. In this duel, over a card game, Jack shot first and missed. His opponent, Ted Dillon, aimed right at Jack’s chest, but then deloped, or fired into the ground. While Dillon’s friends congratulated his honor and mercy, Jack quietly and calmly claimed a pistol from his second. Then he walked over to Dillon,ostensibly to congratulate him, and then stabbed in through the heart.

Following the rules (1863)- Following his last duel, the second’s exacted promises from both duelist Jack that only pistols were acceptable weapons. Well, both Jack and his opponent missed. So, Jack walked up to him and beat him to death with the pistol butt.

The Second- (May 3, 1868)In this duel, Jack was actually the second for Pete Haller, a friend who had been accused of cheating. Peter ate something bad and couldn’t appear, so Jack shot in his place, maintaining Haller’s honor.

The Coward- (May 9, 1868)Jack faced off less than a week later against Pete after joking that Pete had facked the sickness to get out of the duel. Pete proved his courage, if not his skill.

Two for one- (Septemner 16 1869) Jack pissed off a minor French noble visiting the States. He won the duel, but the loser’s second decided to avenge his friend’s death. He immediately challenged Jack to a duel at a place and time of Jack’s choosing. Jack said “Here. Now.” and shot him dead.

Who’s first!- Jack somehow found himself with two duels scheduled for the same day and drunk to boot. He intentionally showed up late after both opponents had already arrived. Jack apologized profusely and suggested they flip a coin to see who faced him first and promised that he wouldn’t keep the other waiting long. His cold-hearted nonchalance and deadpan delivery convinced both opponents to quickly withdraw their challenges.

Jacques Delacroix III

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