Handsome Jim


Handsome Jim
Leader of the McCord Marauders

Real Name: James William McCord
Age: 26 Height 5’9” Weight: 165
Appearance: Comely well tanned white man with a young roguish grin. Dresses in well worn, but maintained traveling clothes.

Str +1
Dex +2
Con 0
Wis -1
Int +1
Chr: +4
Tough: +2
Fort: +2
Ref: +2
Will: +1
Att: +2
Def: +1

Feats: Ladies Man, Disarming Smile, Fearless, Quick Draw, Posse (always travels with 2 other friends), Second Chance (surprised), Attack Focus Ranged (+2), Master Plan, Leadership
Skills- Bluff, Diplomacy, Seduction, Animal Handling, Ride, Survival
Weapons on hand: Bowie Knife, Colt Army Pistol, Winchester Rifle


Handsome Jim

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