François “Redfin” Le Goff

A half-breed French Blackfoot indian.


The school portrait to the right is Francois at age 13. Pronounced frahn-swah lea-goof.

STR: 14 +2
DEX: 16 +3
CON: 10 +0
INT: 18 +4
WIS: 12 +1
CHA: 12 +1

Toughness: +1
Fort: +3
Ref: +4
Will: +3

Initiative: +3
Attack: +4 (Pistol +10, Knife +5, Hand to Hand +6)
Defense: +4

Complications: François is a ½ blood blackfoot indian. Things being what they are, some folks don’t like those savages very much. That includes François if they figure out what he is.

Background skills:


(+2/3) 5


(+1/5) 6


(+1/7) 8

Perform (Tribal

(+1/2) 3

Gather Information

(+1/5) 6


(+3/2) 5

Handle Animal

(+1/4) 5


(+4/6) 10


(+4/4) 8

Sense Motive

(+1/4) 5

Knowledge (Early

(+4/5) 9


(+3/5) 8

Knowledge (Law

(+4/3) 7


(+1/5) 6


(+1/2) 3


(+2/8) 10

Feats: Improved Aim, Trick Shot (Pistol), Improved Range x2 (Pistol), Precise Shot, Tracking, Stunning Attack (Hand to Hand), Hold Breath, Well Connected, Defense Roll, Hypnosis

Languages: French, Blackfoot, English, Latin

Equipment: Heavy Pistol, holdout pistol, 2 knives (boot & sleeve), French made dress suit, Homburg hat, snuff, polished silver coin on a thread, 2 pair boxing gloves.


François “Redfin” Le Goff is a handsome well groomed man with dark eyes, a chiseled jaw often seen wearing a homburg hat over his long dark hair. He is the son of blackfoot indian Makoyi-koh-kin (Wolf Thin Legs) and Marie Le Goff , a Frenchwoman. Francis’s father died during a skirmish with traders when he was a boy leaving him with his mother for most of his early childhood.

He was raised and educated in an east Canadian coast French language boarding school where his mother taught until the age of 9. His mother felt François should know his father’s people and was finally able to contact his paternal grandfather. That year they moved to North Dakota near Devil’s Lake. It was there his mother found work with the new University of North Dakota in a pilot program to helping to educate the indian savages who lived in the area.

François now spent time with a grandfather he grew to think of as his father. He learned the ways of the blackfoot while continuing his education with his mother’s school. He was accepted into the blackfoot tribe where he earned his childhood name ‘young beaver’ for his ability to swim well underwater. Gradually he learned to fish, hunt and track game as a well as any blackfoot hunter. He was mediocre with the bow but gifted with the knife and wrestling.

Since the local tribe was well known to be civilized as savages go, they were often hired as guides or trackers. Once after impressing a wealthy easterner on a hunting trip with not only his tracking skills but his ability to discuss Darwin’s theories of evolution, the fellow gave him one of his pearl handled pistols as a bonus. François became enamored with the pistol and practiced with it as often as ammo was available. He became particularly adept at unusually long distance shot and trick shots. Often François would bet his pay as guide against his skill to earn more money more often winning than not.

But it wouldn’t be his pistol skill that earned him his adult name in the tribe but his ability to swim like a fish underwater for long lengths of time. François could swim underwater to emerge quietly and kill game drinking or feeding nearly. So he earned the name ‘redfin’ after the small red-finned pike.

Life however is bittersweet even at the best of time. When he was 16 his grandfather died in his sleep and a year later his mother developed cancer. He was a faithful son however as he grew into a man his mother Marie insisted he continue his education in Grand Forks with the university. Unfortunately although the university seemed interested in primary education for the local Indians, they were not interested in a savage among their ranks.

However as fortune would have it, the University of Burgundy in France would be pleased to accept the son of Marie Le Goff. But soon the freedoms François had grown to love in Devil’s Lake were not only thought peculiar but mocked by his fellow students. Fights broke out and he was nearly expelled but through the intervention of a professor who later urged him to join the boxing club.

Boxing turned into an outlet that allowed François to work out his tension and make friends. The club became a tight-knit group of friends that allowed him to learn new social skills he sorely lacked. And the ‘savage’ struggled to learn to hide the nature that all men share but the educated pretend to scorn. In four short years François earned degrees in philosophy and psychology. He was eager to return home but near the end of his final year he received a letter telling him of his mother’s death. Feeling rudderless he joined his boxing club members on a rail tour of Europe before he returned home.

Few people realized the soft spoken handsome fellow from France was a half-breed when François returned to North Dakota during the summer of 1866. But during his absence the blackfoot nation had been driven out of the area to a reservation to the northwest. His people removed, mother dead there was no reason to remain so he boarded a train east. Eventually he worked as a bounty hunter tracking outlaws specializing in what we now call white-collar crime. Bankers, lawyers and others never expected the polite cultured Frenchman to return them for their crimes. Eventually as his skill grew François was hired by the Pinkerton agency where he served with distinction.

François “Redfin” Le Goff

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